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If you want to generate clean and renewable energy; to reduce your costs and enhance the safety and productivity of your team all whilst rapidly moving towards your net-zero targeted emissions – our Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy is the answer.

Resen Waves developed the Smart Power Buoy to support the fight against climate change and to help you meet and exceed your carbon emission targets. We harness the power of the waves to provide you with persistent, clean, renewable energy to power AUVs and underwater instrumentation whilst simultaneously facilitating real-time and virtually unlimited data downloads and transmission from this equipment. This is all possible without the presence of crewed vessels and even in the remotest and harshest of sea conditions.

The affordable, lightweight buoy we offer today is the culmination of over 10 years’ research and development combined with expertise gained over 45 years’ working with underwater systems. Uniquely we also bring the benefits of lessons learned from developing early wave energy systems which failed due to size, weight, deployment, survivability, and maintenance issues.

Power buoy

We are the only providers of a lightweight and affordable system which not only generates power but also allows for uninterrupted, real-time, virtually unlimited data transmission. Do get in touch to find out more.

We Are Resen Waves

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who are united by the goal of fighting climate change by increasing the access of all to renewable, wave energy. Each person brings their own skills, talents and opinions to help make Resen Waves the innovative, unique, friendly company it is today.

Find out more about the team below and if you want to keep up to date with our latest antics you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn. If you would like to discuss any projects or simply have a question you’d like answering do contact us.

Meet the Team

Day-to-day operations are run by a specialist team located in Denmark, Italy and Scotland and we’re united by a love of wave energy and some pretty good technology. We’re here to answer any questions and are more than happy to jump on a call to tell you about how the Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy will make your life easier, your projects more cost-effective and efficient, help keep your team safer and of course help you meet your climate goals.

The Research and Development Team

We couldn’t have developed such a Smart Buoy without the help of some very smart people! We not only have Per and Andrea but also benefit from the close collaboration with some of the best academic minds from, and facilities at, Aalborg University (AAU) and Danish Technology University (DTU MEK).

The Board

The growth and management of Resen Waves is in the safe hands of a Board which values openness and honesty, has a love of renewable energy and a desire to fight climate change.


Per Resen Steenstrup

Founder & CEO


Christian Andreas Blinkenberg

Non-Executive Director


Jane Blinkenberg

Non-Executive Director

Our History

The current Smart Power Buoy has certainly come a long way from when the CEO of Resen Waves, Per Resen Steenstrup, first encountered Chris Olson’s Lever Operated Pivoting Float (LOPF) buoy in 2010.

Since then, our aim has been to design, develop and test a simple, low weight, affordable buoy which can operate in any sea state - from generating power as well as facilitating data collection and transfer in only 1.5m waves to surviving and continuing to work ‘as normal’ in storms with 6m plus waves.

Chris Olson, a keen surfer from Texas, exploited his passion about surfing and his know-how about waves to develop a wave energy concept - the LOPF. Even though the basic operating principle of Chris Olson’s Lever Operated Pivoting Float has not changed that much, there have been significant developments which have resulted in a waterproof, industrial buoy with the drive chain and the pre-tensioning mechanism located inside a spring-loaded drum.

Key milestones were reached in 2015 and 2017 but the current buoy outperforms even our expectations. Following is a brief technical history of the past 10 years.

Our Patented Technology is Your Competitive Advantage


The unique design and functionality of the Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy gives you - our customers, partners and representatives - the competitive advantages of being able to access affordable, clean, renewable energy at the same time as being able to transmit almost unlimited data via one lightweight, efficient system.

From the start our founder, Per Resen Steenstrup, has been determined to retain all Intellectual Property (IP) to ensure the quality, performance and integrity of the buoy. This is only one of the reasons we are very pleased to have received official approval of our patent - number: 3513058 - in all EU countries and Norway. What’s more this patent will be imminently approved in the USA, Canada, India, Australia, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Patent approval is an important milestone as it comprises, in 44 claims, the essential unique functionality of the buoy such as low weight, few moving parts, direct mechanical to electric drive, automatic pre tensioning and not least excellent survivability in extreme storms.

Survivability is major problem for many other large wind energy systems (believe us we know as we’ve been there). The advantage you have with the Smart Power Buoy is your project and data transmission will be uninterrupted as our buoy continues to function and generate power even in the harshest conditions. This benefit is even more important when dealing with time-critical issue such as earthquake activity and associated Tsunami warnings plus of course intrusions into waters which could compromise a countries security.

We have invested over 10 years in research, development and testing so you can be confident in not only generating the power you need for your project but also having access to real-time data and supporting your companies zero-emission targets.

With the approval of these patents the Smart Power Buoy can be manufactured under license in many countries and support our global growth plans. Get in touch to find out more about powering your project, investing in the latest wind energy technology or working with us.


Resen Waves cares about the environment. We make wave energy simple by offering a sustainable energy alternative and a way to transmit data in real-time - so you have the chance to make a difference.

Our mission is to fight climate change and reduce our customers’ costs. We help you move towards your net-zero emission goals, increase efficiencies and safeguard your team by using our lightweight and affordable Smart Power Buoy - which continuously harnesses the power of the waves even in the most remote, harsh and changeable conditions.


Resen Waves aims to provide accessible, renewable energy and real-time data transmission for all companies irrespective of their size or budget. We will do this via our range of affordable, scalable Smart Power Buoys which meet the power and data transfer requirements of projects - whether large or small, coastal or deep water – all on a global basis.

We will continue to make wave energy simple and give our customers the competitive advantage of being able to meet their net-zero targets using renewable energy at the same time as reducing costs and operating more effectively.


Our business and personal values align:

We are environmentally aware.

We innovate with integrity.

We do business differently - by being open and flexible to pursuing equal access to renewable energy as well as profit.

We are inclusive – we thrive on different views, opinions, talents and skills.

Get Involved with Resen Waves

It is no exaggeration to say drastic change is required if any country is to reach their stated net-zero emissions targets.

Whether you are part of a renewables team (large or small) or just curious about wave energy, looking to make your project more cost-effective and efficient or want to know more about investing in Resen Waves we are always happy to chat through how our Smart Power Buoy can help you.

Our flexible sales, rental and support options are designed to lower any entry barriers and to work with our customers and distributers to maximise their profits within an environmentally sound framework.

Get in touch and make a difference.

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