Markets & Applications

The economic and improved safety opportunities provided by the Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy are further reaching than helping companies to meet net-zero targets using the renewable energy it produces.

By working in conjunction with the Smart Power Buoy, AUVs can download the data collected to the buoy whilst being recharged in a docking station which is powered by the buoy. The Smart Power Buoy will then transmit this data in real-time to the onshore facility via the fibre optics within its reinforced carbon mooring line.

The Smart Power Buoy allows you to transform traditional operations and increase the safety of your teams by limiting the need for crewed vessels using ROVs and polluting generators. You can increase productivity by using our buoy with a resident AUV which will continue to operate even in the harshest of conditions whereas survey vessels typically cannot operate in waves over 1.5m - this of course leads to cost savings.

The operational efficiencies and effectiveness of the Smart Power Buoy are further enhanced as the power generation and data transmission are via one unit. This mitigates many of the common issues of using often incompatible systems to provide power, collate data and importantly transmit that data in real-time.

Oil & Gas

Oil Rig

The use of wave energy will play a key role in helping the Oil & Gas industry to achieve demanding and legally binding net-zero targets by 2050. The Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy, when combined with AUVs can not only support companies working towards these targets but also help cut costs and improve productivity as they do so by replacing traditional ROV/crewed survey vessel operations.

Companies can improve margins when repurposing existing ‘drilling’ infrastructures to transport and store CO2 – which has much tighter margins than O&G companies are used to. Contact us to discuss applications including:

  • Decommissioning
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS)
  • Leak detection
  • Surveys
  • Inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Mining

Offshore Wind - Floating and Fixed

The installation and operation of wave farms has been deemed an enormous success on a global scale especially over the past couple of years. What is evident now is that a large part of the costs of wind farms is due to the planned and unplanned inspections, maintenance and repairs required. The growth of floating platforms to enable construction in previously inaccessible deep waters means the need for more robust and remote maintenance services is even more pressing.

This is an area where the Smart Power Buoy combined with AUVs and other innovative technologies can drastically impact on cost savings at the same time as mitigating the human factor – specifically the risks associated with crews having to try and access and the turbines in remote and challenging conditions. Find out more or contact us with any questions here.

Offshore Windmills

Monitoring & Observation Applications

Coral Reef Bali

As the commercialization of the world’s oceans, seas and coastal waters increases there is a need to be able to reliably monitor and observe activities – from both a scientific and defence perspective. Power and data transmission is therefore required which is independent from land-based or polluting supplies such as diesel generators and batteries, in order to protect the environment whilst achieving ambitious research, national security and climate goals.

The Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy not only captures the power from the waves to recharge AUVs it also facilitates the transmission, in real-time, of almost unlimited data from other instrumentation on the seabed. This improves the quality of the data and also critically immediately highlights an issue in time-sensitive situations such as intrusions or earthquake/Tsunami activity.

The small size of our buoy is an over-looked advantage compare to other wave energy devices as it is not easily detected – even via satellites. This has benefits in defence operations but also in areas of natural beauty where projects can be carried out without blighting views and potentially damaging tourism which could be vital to the economies of many places.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss applications including:

  • Underwater National Security: continuous surveillance; mine detection; underwater monitoring

  • Meteorological – early warning systems for earthquakes, Tsunamis and flooding plus to improve weather forecasting

  • Oceanographic studies/Oceanology – monitoring of protected areas; investigating eroding coastlines plus monitoring activity and changes in marine life and ecosystems

  • Marine Aquaculture and Algae – monitoring and powering of fish farms especially as they move further offshore plus capturing algae blooms
Coral Reef Bali


Oil Rig

Desalination is a growing area of interest as demand for water increases at the same time as shortages in ‘fresh’ water are experienced in many countries. Desalination could also support the continued existence of remote communities and projects. As with all the applications previously mentioned desalination projects require reliable power and small-scale projects could benefit from power supplied by the Smart Power Buoy.

Deepwater Operations

As operations move further offshore it is obvious these will be in deeper waters – commonly considered to be more than 1000ft. With this move comes a different range of challenges such as how to manage repair & maintenance schedules; operating in harsh conditions and with the effect of the pandemic the need to operate without crewed vessels for data collection and transfer.

Equally if not more importantly there are environmental impacts that should be considered. Noisy polluting machinery and generators should be avoided as these can irreversibly damage our oceans and marine life. The Resen Wave Smart Power Buoy, working alongside AUVs, can collate and transfer data; monitor operations as well as monitor any effects deep water work is having on marine life and the natural storage of ‘blue carbon’.

Contact us with any questions and to discuss your projects any of these applications.

Offshore Windmills