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Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy Technology Now Available for Sale

Date: June 24, 2024

Resen Waves is now offering its foundational wave technology for sale at €300,000 in the upcoming month. This package includes comprehensive expertise in designing commercial Smart Power Buoys, complete with CAD drawings and a robust global patent featuring 44 claims.

Additionally, purchasers can opt for supplementary support during the transition period to facilitate the manufacturing and installation of the buoys.

Smart Power Buoys are engineered to provide continuous 24/7 electric power at sea and facilitate data communication with a wide array of seabed sensors. This technology significantly reduces the cost of underwater monitoring and inspection by minimizing the need for ship operations and reducing CO2 emissions.

For further information, please contact CEO Per Resen Steenstrup at:

The Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy is the first in the world to harness the constant movement of waves to power AUVs and instruments in the sea with clean, renewable, continuous energy whilst facilitating real-time, uninterrupted data communications. We can reduce your costs; increase the safety of your teams at the same time as helping you hit your zero-emission targets. This is ‘Wave Energy Made Simple’.

CEO, Per Resen Steenstrup

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It is no exaggeration to say drastic change is required if any country is to reach their stated net-zero emissions targets. Whether you are part of a renewables team (large or small) or just curious about wave energy, looking to make your project more cost-effective and efficient or want to know more about investing in Resen Waves we are always happy to chat through how our Smart Power Buoy can help you.

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