The Team

Per Resen Steenstrup

Per is an entrepreneur and the founder of Resen Waves. He has been a leading innovator of technologies for use in the oceans and seas of the world for the past 45 years! His passion for the environment combined with lessons learned from failures in large scale wave technology has led to the development of a functional and affordable wave energy system - the patented Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy. Our buoy provides clean, renewable power at the same time as facilitating persistent and almost unlimited data transmission. Why not have a chat to Per about your project, investing in or even representing Resen Waves:

Per Resen img
Per Resen img

Andrea Baldini

Mechanical Engineer, Andrea, has been working with Resen Waves for over five years. He enjoys putting into practice his extensive knowledge gained from his MSc Marine Renewable Energy and has been a key player in creating the unique Smart Power Wave Buoy we have today. Areas of work including managing the design of our buoys for testing, including structural analysis of critical components through FEA and non-linear simulations. Connect with and find out more about Andrea:


Roland Boysen

With his extensive industry experience, BA in mechanical engineering and MBA in International Management Roland is perfectly equipped to drive the global sales of out Smart Power Buoy. He recently joined Resen Waves with the aim to grow a sustainable business in accordance with his values of only selling solutions and products which add value and ‘take away headaches’. His experience working in the Oil & Gas industry with a particular focus on eliminating safety risks whilst increasing operational efficiencies and effectiveness is a great match for the benefits the Smart Power Buoy offers. Find out how Roland can help you and your project:


Jane Blinkenberg

Jane’s been involved with Resen Waves since 2018 and has recently taken on a more day-to-day role heading up our marketing. Having worked in Racal Decca Marine, Survey & Positioning plus through her involvement in launching Oceanology International in the US, she is familiar with the many sectors which can benefit from renewable energy and the role this can play in helping to stop climate change. She is very keen to let more people know how the Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy can assist companies and governments to hit their zero-carbon emission targets. Connect with and find out more about Jane:


Thomas Resen Steenstrup

A passion for the environment plus strong technological and design skills obviously run in the family as Thomas clearly demonstrates in his role as digital advisor and web designer for Resen Waves. He is pursuing his studies, gaining commercial experience whilst helping to increase awareness of Resen Waves and our values. He’s a valued member of the team who brings a different generational view and ensures we keep up to date with digital marketing developments.

Associate Professor Peter Frigaard

Associate Professor, Department of the Built Environment; The Faculty of Engineering and Science; Division of Water and Environment; Ocean and Coastal Engineering Research Group.

Peter Frigaard’s independent testing and feedback has been highly valued since the inception of Resen Waves and throughout the evolution of the Smart Power Buoy.

He is Head of Department and Associate Professor at Aalborg University (AAU), Department of Civil Engineering which has a strong record of participation in the development of wave energy in Denmark over the last 10 years. More than 60 projects have been carried out on approximately 30 different devices – of which tank testing the Smart Power Buoy to verify our ground-breaking numerical model is just one. His research interests include national and international wave energy studies, and breakwater monitoring. He is a key player in developing and defining best practices and standards nationally and internationally. Find out more about AAU’s laboratories here.

Professor Harry Bingham

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Fluid Mechanics, Coastal and Maritime Engineering at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Harry is a highly respected and widely published professor who teaches and researches nonlinear ocean waves and their interaction with fixed and floating marine structures at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The DTU has a mission to help create a better world and to solve the global climate challenges formulated in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – which is perfectly aligned with Resen Waves’ aim to support this via the provision of accessible and affordable wave energy. Harry’s research and guidance of the MSc students who contribute to Resen Waves has been a critical factor in the development of our leading numerical model.

Find out more about the DTU here and connect with Harry:


Robert Read

Senior Researcher DTU Mechanical Engineering

Robert researches how water waves interact with engineered structures in the open ocean, with a special focus on accelerating the development of wave-energy absorbers like our Smart Power Buoy. He delivers high-quality numerical tools and experimental data to industrial partners to improve product performance and reduce costs. His expertise will help us to better understand the hydrodynamic performance of our buoy, both to verify its energy absorption, and to confirm its survivability. Robert plays a key role alongside Prof. Harry B Bingham and our two MSc students (Daniel Enevoldsen and Alicia Belda Leandro) in developing and verifying our powerful numerical model. Find out more about Robert and the work he is involved in here.

Daniel Enevoldsen

In 2020 Daniel became a valued member of the Resen Waves team. His work helping to develop and verify our numerical model alongside Professor Harry Bingham (DTU) and Senior Researcher Robert Read has been invaluable. Daniel’s part of the project is to look at the 3d motions of the buoy and the non-linear force in the mooring cable with the aim of predicting the power output from this. We look forward to sharing more of his results and findings once his thesis, ‘Numerical and experimental investigation of the RESEN wave energy device’ is published. Connect with and find out more about Daniel:


Alicia Belda Leandro

Alicia is a recent and very welcome recruit to the Resen Waves team. She’s passionate about Civil Engineering and will complete her Double Degree Master’s program in Civil Engineering (with focus on Marine and Coastal Engineering between Spain and Denmark) by carrying out her MSc thesis project to optimize the geometry of the Resen Waves buoy. The overall aim of her thesis is to enable the buoy to produce the maximum amount of power whilst guaranteeing survivability using numerical modelling combined with wave tank verification. Connect with and find out more about Alicia:


Christian Andreas Blinkenberg

Christian’s professional expertise and personal qualities make him a valued asset to Resen Waves. He has over 25 years of global senior management experience gained in small to blue chip companies and as an owner of a small business. 15+ years of his experience has been in the Oil and Gas sector based in Aberdeen, Rio de Janeiro and Houston. Christian speaks five languages and his multi-cultural insight; enthusiastic, goal orientated nature combined with his core skills in management, sales and business development will help steer the global growth of Resen Waves. Find out more about Christian: