The Smart Power Buoy

The Smart Power Buoy is built as a floating mechanical device utilizing the wave movement to activate a generator and produce electric power via the sophisticated carbon spring technology which turns the center drum back and forth with the wave action.

When our buoy is operating in 0 to 1.5m waves the power grows rapidly then is constant after that, even in 6m waves. This prevents overloading the system during storms ensuring the survivability and productivity of the buoy – you can see it in action here.

This unique action of our buoy – complemented further by the buoy’s ability to automatically pull itself under the waves solves a problem the wave energy industry has grappled with for some time. The slightly larger buoy in development for use in the Atlantic and deep waters will reach full power in 2.5m waves then provide constant and reliable power even in 11m waves – do get in touch for further information.


  • Generator Power of the 0.3kW buoy 300W continuous, 600W peak

  • Outer dimensions: 170L x 170W x 100H (cm)

  • Dry Weight 250 – 350Kg

  • Payload 40Kg
Buoy on a trailer
Buoy on a boat

Power and Data Options

  • 24 and 48 V DC

  • Fibre optic connection

  • Iridium Communications

  • Inmarsat

  • 3G or 4G

  • Water depth 10-200m

Operational Conditions

  • Produces power in 0.5m waves and rapidly reached max constant power

  • Water depth minimum 10m to 200m (scaled buoys 2000m+)

  • Anchoring – screw anchor or block
Buoy in the ocean