Latest developments using the EUDP grant

In mid-2019 Resen Waves was awarded an €700k EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program) grant to support our aim of refining and testing the patented Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy. This grant is set to run until 30 July 2021.

One key objective was to make sure the buoy can more than meet the demands of the offshore oil and gas sector, by providing continuous power and data connection to underwater instruments and technical installations. The buoy had to be developed, on a small enough scale, to enable easy deployment and minimum maintenance whilst increasing efficiencies – not an easy task but one we relished addressing.

Advances have been made not only technically but also critically on testing. The verification of a numerical model of the buoy’s power production through tank testing, has made it possible to accurately forecast the power production in any sea state irrespective of where in the world. In practise this means customers can accurately predict (and therefore cost effectively invest in!) the number of buoys they need to deploy in order to achieve the underwater power and data transfer results they are looking for.

In addition, accelerated fatigue and wear & tear tests were carried out on the spring in the buoy plus design and production changes have been implemented to optimize manufacturing methods and durability of the buoy when at sea.

The EUDP is a Danish scheme which aims to support the development and demonstration of new energy technologies, including wave energy. It goes without saying that Resen Waves is very grateful for this investment. The remaining monies will be used in our R&D budget to enable the completion towards final commercialization of the second generation Smart Power Buoy.