The Resen Waves Power Buoy powers a battery pack on the seabed through the mooring line. The battery pack can then feed power to various instruments and machinery in the sea.

The buoy can log data from connected instruments. These instruments are connected through a fibre optic connection. This data will be transmitted from the buoy to shore per satellite, 3G or 4G connection.

Applications Features and benefits Options, power and data
• Powers instruments and machinery
• Unmanned remote operations
• Offshore oil & gas
• Hydrographic
• Oceanographic
• AUV docking stations
• Whale monitoring
• Low weight
• Easy installation
• Plug & Play
• 24/7 operation
• No exchange of batteries required
• 24 and 48 V DC
• Fibre optic connection
• Iridium
• Inmarsat
• 3G or 4G
• Water depth 10-200m
Our Product

Resen Power Buoy | RW-0.6- 0.3 kW

The small-scale buoy for powering instruments in the sea and providing real-time data access the instruments in the sea.

For further details Read more (data sheet).