The Smart Power Buoy floats on the surface. It is held in position by a mooring line fastened to the seabed. When the Smart Power Buoy is floating on the surface waves and currents will shift the Smart Power Buoy horizontally and vertically. The movements activate the built-in generator which produces electricity.

The mooring line contains a power cable that transmits the power on to the battery which is positioned on the seabed. Secondly the mooring line also contains a fiber optic cable for data transmission. Thirdly the mooring line is always tightened up to ensure best possible responsiveness to movements.

Intelligent power management distributes the power from the charged battery to the connected instruments and machinery on the seabed. The fiber optic cable transmits data and provide real-time access to instruments and machinery regardless where they placed in the sea. AUV’s and other remote and submarined vehicles can receive data for the next mission as well as deliver logged data collected on completed missions. Data transmits from the buoy to shore and vice versa per satellite, 3G, 4G or 5G connection.

Applications Features and benefits Options, power and data
• Powers instruments and machinery
• Unmanned remote operations
• Offshore oil & gas
• Hydrographic
• Oceanographic
• AUV docking stations
• Whale monitoring
• Low weight
• Easy installation
• Plug & Play
• 24/7 operation
• No exchange of batteries required
• 24 and 48 V DC
• Fibre optic connection
• Iridium
• Inmarsat
• 3G or 4G
• Water depth 10-200m
Our Product

Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy | RW-0.6-0.3 kW

Resen Waves is the first company in the World to provide continuous power and real-time data connectivity to autonomous instruments and machinery in the sea, as a plug and play solution.

The unique horseshoe shaped buoy is light weight and compact in size. The buoy carries the center drum and allows the drum to rotate in both directions. A gearbox transfers the energy to the generator which converts to electric power.

The buoy is fastened to the seabed with a mooring line. The typical water depth is 10 m to 200 m. The mooring line contains a power cable and fiber optic cable.

The power is stored in a battery pack positioned on the seabed. In conjunction with that a docking station for AUV’s can also be installed. Intelligent power management control the charging process as well as power consumption.

The solution powers and facilitates various instruments and machinery in the sea and provide real-time telecommunication from the seabed to the surface. From the buoy data is transmitted on to onshore or offshore central receivers and vice versa.

Smart Power Buoy Unique Selling Propositions:

  • Simple and inexhaustible wave energy to power the applications.
  • Subsea real-time data from seabed to surface via fiberoptic cable.
  • Airborne real-time data via telecommunication.
  • Easy plug and play installation as a full-service solution.
  • Cost effective – the price is 1/10th of the competition.
  • Low weight of app. 450 kg – against competitive product of 8 tons.
  • Easy handling – only small-scale operation required to launch the Smart Power Buoy.
  • Market leading low weight to power ratio.
  • Capacity factor is best-in-class.
  • Responsive tension mooring creates instant power production – max. power in only 1 m waves.
  • Excellent survivability in full ocean exposure.

See how it works, for further details Read more (data sheet).