Resen Waves is a privately owned company introducing compact and easy-to-install patented and scalable wave power technology buoys aimed at the USD8,5Bn total ocean enterprise market.

The company is operated from our HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark, with entities registered in the USA and the UK.

Our first installation was completed in 2019. We are currently focusing on the North Sea and US market for oceanic monitoring, research and electronic surveillance including national security, real-time tsunami early warning systems, pollution monitoring, offshore oil & gas, wind, etc.

We have raised approx. USD4,5M in equity to support the development since 2010 leading to us being prepared for commercial growth from 2021 on our proven and unique technology.

We have set the course for international growth and continuously receive investor interest in our company to support our growth, our capabilities and market opportunities.

For enquiries to potentially invest in Resen Waves please contact

Mr. Per Resen Steenstrup, CEO