The EUDP is a Danish funding scheme supporting the development and demonstration of new energy technologies, including wave energy, which can contribute to meeting Denmark’s objectives within energy and climate.

The two year EUDP funding scheme allowed groundbreaking research. Resen Waves verified a numerical model of the buoy’s power production through tank testing, making it possible to accurately forecast the power production in any sea state irrespective of where in the world. In practise this means customers can predict the number of buoys they need to deploy in order to achieve the underwater power and data transfer results they are looking for.

In addition, accelerated fatigue and wear & tear tests were carried out on the spring in the buoy plus design and production changes have been implemented to optimize manufacturing methods and durability of the buoy when at sea.

One key objective was to make sure the buoy can more than meet the demands of the offshore oil and gas sector, by providing continuous power and data connection to underwater instruments and technical installations. Enabling easy deployment and minimum maintenance whilst increasing efficiencies were other key objectives. All key objectives have been accomplished.