Smart Power Buoy delivered to Hong Kong

Resen Waves is proud of the contribution our Smart Power Wave Buoy can make to mitigating the threat of climate change and was therefore very pleased to be able to collaborate with the innovative, Hong Kong-based New World Development Company Ltd (NWD).

NWD was one of the first movers in sustainable financing in Hong Kong and doesn’t just talk about climate change but takes action to find solutions to this urgent environmental issue. The installation of our second generation Smart Power Wave Buoy for NWD was our first one in SouthEast Asia.  

NWD’s initiative using the Smart Power Buoy was to demonstrate the potential of wave energy in the Hong Kong bay area and to educate the wider community on wave power. The longer term aim would be to inspire the community to install and reap the benefits of wave power on a bigger scale in the coastal areas of the island.