Unlimited Energy | Generated by the oceans

Through world class innovation and research, Resen Waves is the first company in the world, to market launch a revolutionary, small, simple, cost effective, low weight, modular stand-alone buoy concept. The concept generates electricity in the sea – by the sea, as a pure “plug & play” solution.

Our Power Buoy technology is ground breaking, with enormous commercial potential for power generation in the sea. Additionally, we see a huge commercial potential for our power buoy as a renewable energy concept for remote coastal areas and island communities. Resen Waves’ goal is not only to disrupt the current way of powering devices at sea, but also to capture a share of the €20B diesel generation market in remote coastal areas and island communities around the world.

Welcome to our amazing universe of cleantech…

Latest News
  • Workbench

    Succesful workbench test

    Today, after 4 years of research and engineering, our direct power generation system went through its final workbench examination and passed. CEO Per Resen Stenstrup comments: “Not only did it pass, but our brand new 3rd generation Resen Power Buoy performed much better than we......

  • Funding

    RW “Innobooster” approval

    Resen Waves has just received funding approval from the Danish Entrepreneurship program: “Innobooster”. CEO Per Resen Stenstrup comments: “We are thrilled to be awarded funding from the national innovation program. It emphasizes the current commercial readiness and potential of our...

  • Analytics-on-Speed-Improve-Digital-Chooses-Infobright-Platform (1)

    RW launching new webpage

    Resen Waves is preparing to launch its 3rd generation Resen Power Buoys, and has just launched its new webpage. CEO and founder Per Resen Stenstrup explains: In this phase, it’s more important than ever that we professionally inform all our partners and stakeholders about our......

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