Wave energy made simple

Resen Waves is the first company in the World to provide renewable and continuous power and real-time data connectivity to autonomous instruments and machinery in the sea, as a plug and play solution.

When operating autonomous instruments and machinery in an offshore location you will need a power source. Typically, a diesel generator, a battery, solar panels or various combinations. These conventional solutions are all limited and require refueling, recharging, service and cleaning. Costly offshore operations – and sometimes not even possible due to harsh weather.

Therefore, power usage have had to be limited until now. Economizing power is normally done by cutting back on data transmission, which limits the applications of the instruments. All these draw backs are effectively solved by installing a Smart Power Buoy in the sea.

It is now possible to access instruments in real-time through smart phones or web applications, regardless where the instruments are located in the sea. With the Smart Power Buoy access to electric power is no longer a limitation. It’s right there !

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